What do I need to know?
Diesel or, Biodiesel Generators and associated equipment should be installed by fully qualified generator engineers. Installations should always be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations.

Location - Where would you like to place the generator?
Where you like and where you need to locate should cause some pause for thought and obviously size matters.

Outside – (Roof top installations will vary from below)
Diesel generator lift at site

1. A generator is assigned a separate area on the business premises with no potential threat from flooding.
2. There should be adequate access and lighting for service and maintenance purposes.
3. The generator should be secured to prevent theft or vandalism.
4. Enclosed in a canopy to protect from weather and strong winds.
5. Consideration given to fuel options, storage and tank arrangements ensuring DEFRA compliant.

Not ideal:-
1. Generator sited close to loading bays or car parking slots where vehicles are manoeuvering in the vicinity.
2. Situated close to main drains as any leakage could contaminate.
3. Should not be close to Company fire escapes, evacuation points or designated smoking areas.

Preparation for Installation
Generator sets should be mounted on a level base. Most level surfaces are suitable, if installing a set on a roof you should consult a civil engineer.

Ventilation and Cooling
Exhaust fumes emitted by a generator contain gases like carbon monoxide that can be life threatening and result in death. Therefore, it is important to make sure that there is enough ventilation to help keep the generator cool and to remove excess fumes and heat produced through engine combustion.

Fuel System
Consider how you will refuel your generator. Several refuelling options are available including the supply and installation of an external fuel tank.

Site visits
Our technical department here at JS Power provide site visits. The Engineer can advise and also offer the option of electricity monitoring at your premises to ensure that you get the exact power load requirement to run your business should the mains fail.