Business Continuity

If your data is critical to your business, you will want to protect it against unsafe power fluctuations and damaging power surges, spikes or cuts. Installing a backup system will not just save you money, it will save you valuable time in reinstalling your business systems and servers if the power goes off.

Standby generator, Fuel Polishing

Uninterruptible Power Supplies can give you 24/7 protection and peace of mind which can be also backed up with a Diesel Generator to support a longer duration of power loss.  

Live power cut demonstrations

So how does it work?

UPS next to generator

We have an Uninterruptible Power Supply and Generator backup system fully installed here in our headquarters building and welcome business and client visits to prove how it works in a “LIVE” environment. We can confidently simulate a power cut here at our HQ and show how seamless it works with no indication a power cut has occurred.

Speak to our friendly team on 0800 294 1777 to book your visit.