inspection of a SDMO 400kVA Diesel Generator inspection of a SDMO 400kVA Diesel Generator

JS Power carried out an inspection of a SDMO 400kVA Diesel Generator.

Our client, a Manufacturer had acquired the generator by private sale and it was needed urgently for additional business power for production of materials.

It was difficult to tell how many hours the generator had carried out due to a faulty reading panel. The following faults were diagnosed:

  • Control Panel Fault
  • Flat Batteries

It was decided after a full discussion with the client that a refurbishment of the generator would be the best option to ensure the generator could operate efficiently when required and within its engines capacity. Replacement of the faulty SDMO control panel and batteries helped this 17 year old generator spring back into life. Once up and running a full major service was carried out. No faults were observed whilst using the thermal imaging equipment during the load testing.

inspection of a SDMO 400kVA Diesel Generator

The generator passed the load test with flying colours. After a wash down and canopy re-seal, this machine was ready for its new life in manufacturing.

Equipment and parts supplied:
* Insight 3000 Control Panel
* Batteries
* 2,500 litre Fuel Polish
* Load Test up to 110%
* Air, Oil, Coolant and Fuel Filters
* Lubrication Oil

 All the above work was carried out at the JS Power headquarters in Hull. Learn more about our services here.