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Load Testing on emergency standby diesel generators as vital part of routine maintenance programme


United Kingdom

Equipment Provided

Load Bank


Each standby generator is run on a weekly basis to test the starting capability of the generators. Over time this leads to a carbon build up, un-burnt fuel in the fuel system and to a condition known as wet stacking. This light loading over time can also lead to the large ‘puff’ of thick black smoke when the generator starts up.

By using a computerised mobile load bank and by subjecting the standby generators to full load and over load conditions, the engines and exhaust system are allowed to get up to full operating temperature which helps burn off any deposits within each system. The computer also records what is happening with the generator during each test and its ability to handle changes in the load, the data is then turned report into each set.

If left unchecked and underutilised, the engine performance can degrade over time which can lead to a loss in power from the engine. This means that your backup power solution is not effective as it was intended to be.

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