Brief from the customer

Green, prime power supply

This maker of hardwood flooring was looking to develop an environmental aspect to his production, and had applied for a Carbon Trust grant to help him. The client also had the means to produce his own biodiesel on site.

He approached us, interested in using renewable fuels to power his factory on a part time basis.


United Kingdom

Equipment Provided

1 x 250kVA Biodiesel generator
1 x Sound attenuating canopy – 85dBA @ 1m
Automatic timing switch


Biodiesel generator and automatic timer switch

After receiving approval from the Carbon Trust, we supplied a 250kVA biodiesel generator. At this time, we had been using Scania components in biodiesel generators for two years, and had found Scania’s reputation for reliability well-founded. So we were happy to get our hands on Scania’s very first engine approved to run on 100% biodiesel.

Our trust was borne out completely. The system we provided our client will continue to generate prime power to the site with low impact to the environment. We also installed an automatic switch that side lines the biodiesel generator overnight and brings it back on line in t2he morning    

  • CE Marking
  • ISO 9001 registered
  • ISO 14001 registered
  • Safe Contractor Approved
  • Made in Britain