Brief from the customer

"With our new head office moving we would like to utilise our existing 500kVA generators. Also with the Autonomy time on our UPS’s limited we need our generators to synchronise with each other in the shortest possible time during a power cut. Investigate ways in which to accomplish this and to offer a no-break return back to the grid, once healthy."


United Kingdom

Equipment Provided

Woodward EasyGen 3500 colour control panel housed in a new cubicle
24V motor units and control for the existing breakers
Netbiter Remote Monitoring Devices
New internal electrical package including lighting upgrades
2 x Coolant heaters per set



Once the containerised generators were delivered to our head offices, the works began by removing the old control panel cubicles and the output circuit breakers. Motorised circuit breakers on ordinary synchronising systems are usually controlled by utilising the output voltage from the generator. With a dead-bus synchronising system a 24 volt DC control system has to be used to control the circuit breakers as the generator output voltage is not available during run up. The circuit breaker controls was also modified to enable the use of the low DC voltage.

The new control panels and upgraded output circuit breakers were fitted. These panels incorporate the EasyGen 3500, with its coloured display. This EasyGen 3500 is a top of the range option which can offer upgraded set to set and set to mains synchronising capabilities. The new control panels also came with the NetBiter remote monitoring solution which would allow the client to monitor the performance of the generator and to receive advanced notice of any issue that may prevent the generator from starting during an emergency.

Installation of the new electrics package, including new emergency lighting, then took place. The low powered lighting that was previously installed was replaced by a battery backed lighting system . A new distribution board and a double RCD socket was also installed to give small power when required.

As the generators can spend a lot of time at rest between uses, the existing coolant heaters were all upgraded to keep the engines warm to ensure that when required, the engines could handle the impact load placed on them. A full major service then took place on each set.

As the generator sets are currently 15 years old they were starting to look weathered. The containers external paintwork were cleaned and then given three coats of protective paint so that they will be protected for another 15 years.

The next stage was to install new generator output terminal connection boxes to the outside of the containers. Load cables were then installed along galvanised cable tray from the generators output circuit breaker to the terminal box on the outside of the container. This will allow the electrical installation company to speed up the time required to install them.

The generators then went through a load test to prove the generators were fully operational and that any necessary adjustments were performed before the sets arrived on site.

Finally after 15 years of use, the inside of the containers were cleaned and a new coat of paint applied to the floor.

  • CE Marking
  • ISO 9001 registered
  • ISO 14001 registered
  • Safe Contractor Approved
  • Made in Britain