Brief from the customer

"Our backup generator was damaged in a recent storm surge, we require a new complete backup power turnkey solution"


East Coast
United Kingdom

Equipment Provided

15kVA Single Phase Diesel Generator
100Amp Automatic Transfer Panel
Full Electrical Installation
Civil Works
Full Commissioning Service


15kVA Single Phase Diesel Generator

During a storm surge, the East coast like many other parts of Britain and Europe went through one of the worst tidal surge events in over 30 years which damaged power supplies, transportation links and caused extensive flood damage to both residential and business properties.

For one JS Power customer, this put even more pressure on them. Not only was their building flooded but their existing on site generator was also flooded and they had to keep going to protect their customers.

As a 24 hour security and CCTV company, they needed a solution to power their control room but also had to look at trying to avoid a similar situation from happening in the future. They came to JS Power for a complete package including civil works and installation.

There was an issue with re-using and building up the existing base. It was too close to the building to allow for adequate maintenance and re-fuelling access inside the generator. It was decided to cast a new base into a more central location within the generator compound. The new base was then designed so that the top of the base would be at the same height as the height of the December flood waters.

The next step the client took was to bring in a temporary hire generator until the new generator was installed. The old generator was then removed and disposed of. Once the old generator was out of the way, the civil works could begin. Once the new base was laid and cured, the delivery of the new generator and new transfer panel could take place.

The electrical installation was the next part of the project. The transfer panel and new electrical load and signal cables took place over a period of two days. Everything had to be ready so the final connection of the mains would be as quick as possible. This also gave the client an opportunity to plan for the outage and arrange for the control room to be powered by alternative means during the final connection and pre-on load testing.

The final connections, commissioning, pre-on load and on load testing then took place outside of normal hours so any disruption to the client was kept to a minimum. The system was test thoroughly both off and on the building load to ensure that the full package worked to the client expectations and wishes. Once this stage had been completed, our engineers performed the customer training. This enables the customer to ensure that the generator will always be ready to run when required.

The final step in the project will be for the civil works company to go back and level the old base and make good the generator compound, once the hire set has been removed.    

  • CE Marking
  • ISO 9001 registered
  • ISO 14001 registered
  • Safe Contractor Approved
  • Made in Britain