Brief from the customer

JS Power was called out recently, to look into upgrading a clients power protection package and to offer a full service package including remote monitoring.


United Kingdom

Equipment Provided

62kVA Generator Canopy Set, with a Mains Failure Specification
40kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply with 12 Minutes Autonomy Time
ATS2 – 100, 100 Amp per Phase Automatic Transfer Panel with the ATS
A UPS Manual Bypass Switch
Remote Monitoring System with 24 Hour Support
Maintenance Contract with a Monthly Mains Failure Test


Working with the client and their electrical installation contractor, JS Power supplied a new 40kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply to replace the clients current UPS system and a new 62kVA Diesel generator in a sound attenuated canopy and a 100Amp automatic transfer panel.

As this was a data centre, special attention had to be given to the fact that the installation and commissioning had to take place out of normal working hours, when the servers could be temporarily powered via an alternate method until the new system had been installed.

The very nature of the business requires that an emergency backup power solution needs to be monitored closely. With the development of a remote monitoring service, JS Power now monitors the generator 24 hours a day. Any issues can be quickly resolved causing the least amount of down time.

The UPS system is one of the new ‘Eco 6 Energy Level’ UPS’s from Riello UPS. The load is gradually stepped onto the generator which has a smaller harmonic distortion therefore allowing for a smaller generator when compared to most UPS systems. The new system also allowed for the clients vital air conditioning unit to carry on, when running on both the UPS and the generator.

Throughout I was impressed by the enthusiasm and expertise of the team at JS Power. They went that extra mile to make sure we had a complete solution, that went far beyond our expectations.

Managing Director
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