Brief from the customer

We need to meet our customers needs, even when the mains electricity supply cannot meet ours.

Our client, a prestigious hotel, in rural setting was suffering from chronic power cuts several times a year. Every time the power went off, the hotel had to face loss of revenue and their ability to serve their customers needs.

JS Power was asked to provide a solution including a full turnkey package. From supply to installation to maintaining the set.


United Kingdom

Equipment Provided

1 x JSP200kVA Prime Rated Diesel Generator
1 x DEFRA Compliant, 24 hour Bunded Base Fuel Tank
1 x ATP400 Amp Automatic Transfer Panel, with our ATSc controller.
1 x Waterproof Enclosure
1 x Power Coated, Green Palisade Fencing
1 x Full Installation Package
1 x Service and Maintenance Contract


Working with the hotel’s local electrician a 200kVA Diesel generator was supplied with a 24 hour DEFRA compliant bunded base tank, a 400Amp automatic transfer panel enclosed in a weatherproof enclosure. The incoming mains and generator is to be located next to a large lake and on the edge of a golf course. To minimise the visual impact of the generator, JS Power was also asked to supply powder coated, green palisade fencing around the generator.

Extensive training was then given to the staff to ensure that they knew exactly how to operate the set and to perform their routine testing of all the equipment.

JS Power’s service to the client does not stop there. A full service package has been set up to ensure that the generator is maintained so that when the mains fails, the generator won’t.

  • CE Marking
  • ISO 9001 registered
  • ISO 14001 registered
  • Safe Contractor Approved
  • Made in Britain