Brief from the customer

Allow us to power our production facility with a greener alternative to the National Grid.

Our client, who has production facilities in Malta, wanted a greener alternative to power their production facility, where they produce condiments such as sauces and mayonnaise.

JS Power was asked to provide a 125kVA Bio-Diesel generator, which would power the facility during the day and switch back to the local utility supply at night.



Equipment Provided

125kVA Prime Rated Bio-Diesel Generator Set
Extended bunded base tank
Insight Control Panel
Onboard Coolant heater & Integral battery charger
A 200 Amp per phase automatic transfer panel


Working with the client, JS Power supplied a 125kVA bio-diesel generator with an automatic transfer panel and intelligent control panel.

Wanting a longer autonomy time than the standard 8 hour base tank, the generator comes with an extended base tank which will allow the client to run for 24 hours between refuelling. Using the Insight generator control panel and the automatic transfer panel, the set will be started and the load transferred over to the generator.

Should the generator stop suddenly for example through running out of fuel, then the system has been designed to automatically transfer back to the mains to ensure the factory can carry on while the set is re-fuelled.

When the set isn’t required to power the factory, then should the mains fail, the generator will automatically start and take over the load as with a normal mains failure system.

  • CE Marking
  • ISO 9001 registered
  • ISO 14001 registered
  • Safe Contractor Approved
  • Made in Britain