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Biodiesel Generators All the power you need, none of the CO2

Biodiesel generators

Biodiesel generators are a triumph of our times; they take a century of diesel engine development and make it clean, green and within your means!

At JS Power, we use the same trusted parts suppliers as for our diesel generators, names that include Scania, Sisu, Mecc Alte and Newage Stamford. So you get the same level of service, the same standard of manufacture, and a boost to your corporate social responsibility agenda.

We custom build to your needs, and our biodiesel generators also function for the full range of applications: continuous power, backup power, industrial, commercial, residential, silent, automatic, or portable.

The benefits of Biodiesel Generators

It’s not just green. The UK government operates tax incentives for biodiesel.

It’s biodegradable: If you spill biodiesel, instead of becoming a long-term health hazard, like diesel would, biodiesel degrades in the environment in around 21 days, returning to the original feedstock for the biofuel process – usually vegetable oils.

Less pollution: because the feedstock for making biofuels is vegetation, the amount of CO2 pumped into the atmosphere from burning one tank of fuel, is roughly equivalent to the CO2 absorbed by the vegetation used to make your next tank.

Simply put: each litre you use cancels out the CO2 from the previous litre!

Biodiesel Generators: running and servicing

Don’t be put off by the low number of biodiesel filling stations; this is not indicative of the biodiesel supply network. We are happy to provide a list of biodiesel suppliers who can deliver throughout the UK. However, the biodiesel you use should comply with the EN14214 standard to remain covered by our international guarantee.

All our biodiesel generators use components that are manufacturer approved for use in biodiesel engines, for any mix from 100% biodiesel through to 100% diesel. Like any diesel engine, biodiesel generators should be maintained regularly for best performance, read about our generator servicing, especially our invaluable mobile load testing service, ensuring your backup diesel generators are ready when the time comes.

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